by Ted Cleaver

You should step out of your comfort zone every day and try something new every day. Living by that creed is a recipe for frustrated expectations, trying to do so as often as possible on the other hand is quite rewarding. Today the good people of Cedo Nulli organized a free Lacrosse workshop and of course I had to join.

Archer Sterling, the womanizing secret agent extraordinaire, demonstrated his Lacrosse prowess when he became the king of a group a Malaysian pirates. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Archer, the invitation for the workshop might have slipped my attention. But following in the tracks of the alpha who puts James Bond and Johnny Bravo to shame is an honour and a privilege. To put it in Sterling vernacular, Lacrosse day was bound to be awesome.

And it was. The game is even more of a challenge than I had hoped for. To begin with, learning how to properly catch and throw the ball with your Lacrosse stick requires technique and proficient hand-eye coordination. After a couple of tries my partner and I got pretty decent at it, enough to pass the ball back and forth without missing too many. You can catapult a ball 20 to 30 metres easily. Having acquired some basic skills, it was time for the next episode: Lacrosse gear!

The team sport with a bit of a rich white kid reputation is surprisingly physical. Full-on tackles to the upper body, including shoulders, are allowed. Head, neck, back, and legs are off limits. You can tackle with either your own body weight or by flinging your stick at your victim. The most common injuries, we were told, are sprained ankles and fractured ribs. Not to worry though, injuries are rare. Protective gear that makes you feel, yes, awesome, reduces the impact of blows. You get a helmet, gloves, shoulder and elbow protectors, and armour for your torso.

The game itself is quite intense. You run a lot, throw passes, try to keep an overview of the field, and ideally score. My team won 2-1 today. The sweet taste of victory. I’ll definitely be back for at least one more round of Lacross fun. The sport has serious addictive potential; however so do dancing, running, fitness, yoga, kickboxing, and cooking good food. How to allocate your time with so many choices? A luxury problem, as the Dutch would say.