by Ted Cleaver

Big up to my brother Quan. Laser is the name of the song he produced for the 10th day, a new favourite like Unbreakable and his other cool productions. We dubbed his challenge 30 songs, 1 producer. By the looks of it he’ll make the finish line with at least 31 brand new productions, knowing him though it will probably be more. We all inspire and motivate each other, and now laser combines a samurai, atmospheric melody, electro, and a break beat. I’m loving it.

It’s not just the song, there is something about this universe that is conspiring with us and for us. You just have to connect the dots. So here we go. One major theme in my posts on Ronin, Samurai and Bushido is the singular focus required to make a dent in history. For warrior heroes this was a life long commitment. For us it is slightly different, but the lesson that passion and dedication allow you to advance in life and express yourself more freely is reminiscent of their pledge to excel. Ronin and Samurai saw the sword as an extension of their soul, while we internalize routines to the point they become natural, or, more profoundly, grow in unison as lovers, brothers or sisters. The focus in our case is on mastering our work or nurturing meaningful relationships, respectively. This, I do with pleasure, but in general my disposition is entirely different.

As someone who is highly active, quickly gets turned on by new ideas, and is very accommodating for impulses – internal and external – I have the gift of little focus. It is a gift because focus is inversely related with associative capacity. In short, I think out of the box all the time. Some type of work however requires a more regulated scope of attention, especially when the subject does not interest me that much. In these cases methylphenidate provides a welcome solution. An ingenious metaphor for the effect is that while before you were diffused light, you become a laser that beams through the material with ease.

In terms of focus on cutting down adversaries with ridiculously sharp swords, Samurai and Ronin were lasers. In terms of dedication to my loved ones, yup, laser. Bboys pulling off the impossible? Our 30 Day Challenge? The future of US naval warfare? Exactly!